About Academy

About Shooting Champs Sports Academy.

The shooting academy is home for many shooters who aspire to do something great for their nation. And so, Shooting Champs Sports Academy have been such a place for new shooters for years now. We try to give the shooters a peaceful but at the same time a competitive environment for their growth as not just a sportsperson but also as a citizen of the country. We try to give the best of our services to everyone. From maintaining attendance and consistent practice sessions during ‘no game nearby’ time to working extra hard and regular competitive game sessions during the ‘lined up games’ time, we have always made it clear that every shooter is important to us equally. We understand the importance of togetherness and so we also try to enhance the quality of leadership within. Also, we know that ‘SUNSHINE ALL THE TIME MAKES A DESERT’ and so we don’t deny with the fact that a shooter might fall in terms of his score, but rather we keep them strong and teach them how to stay composed at the dark times. Confidence, Leadership, Group Work, Strength, Meditation, Game play, we try to cope them up with every single aspect to help them grow all around and not just as a shooter.

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