Founder Message


I have been blessed to have the distinction of having represented India for the last 16 years at the highest level. As a flag-bearer of Indian Pistol Shooting along with my worthy peers, I feel deeply obliged to give back to my country, my nation everything I have got to make more and more Olympians and Champions from the land that gave me my identity, my very purpose of being!

In this quest to fulfill my obligation to the nation, I founded the 'Shooting Champs Sports Academy Club', a no-profit enterprise, back in 2014 with my supportive and encouraging sports Partner Dr.Devesh Singh in-charge of implementing my ideas, my plans and my dreams. I have been extremely lucky to have a great bunch of hardworking and talented shooters train under me and assist me in coaching.

We specialise in the propagation of the scientific art of Shooting which I myself learnt from my Coaches Capt. Prasad,Deepak Dubay,Vaid Prakash Sharma and Heinz Reinkeneier of Germany. What Shooting Champs Sports Academy brings to the table is the expertise and scientific dimension to shooting. I believe that shooting (or any sports for that matter) backed by a scientific base has a tactical advantage over periodic spurts of brilliance.

Join us in the movement to make India bask in Olympic Glory!

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