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Shooting Champs Sports Academy

Welcome to Shooting Champs Sports Academy, situated in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow financed by Dr. Devesh Singh. We are here to provide you training by ISSF certified coach Mr. Manvendra Prasad (Gold Medalist) and an amazing atmosphere to grow as a sportsperson. A place to compete and to learn more and more about shooting. Take part for an experience to grow as a person all around.

The shooting academy is home for many shooters who aspire to do something great for their nation. And so, Shooting Champs Sports Academy have been such a place for new shooters for years now. We try to give the shooters a peaceful but at the same time a competitive environment for their growth as not just a sportsperson but also as a citizen of the country.

Our Awards

Why Choose Us

Our Features

The best of our services to everyone. From maintaining attendance and consistent practice sessions during ‘no game nearby’ time to working extra hard and regular competitive game sessions during the ‘lined up games’ time, we have always made it clear that every shooter is important to us equally. We understand the importance of togetherness and so we also try to enhance the quality of leadership within.


  • Provide professional training in pistol shooting.
  • Prepare shooter for competing in domestic and international tournaments.
  • Provide holistic training (mental, physical,technical).
  • Provide specialized programs for shooters.
  • Provide shooters with latest shooting equipments and accessories.

Benefits For Joining Us

  • Structured Programs For Effective And Result Oriented Training.
  • Professional Coaching Ensuring That Shooter Excels In The Field.
  • Precision Weapons, Targets, Ammunition And Accessories.
  • Training At Shooting Range As Per International Standards
  • Provide Olympic level New Pistol and Rifle equipments and pallets.

Our Vision

‘Wealth is not what you get from the nation, but what the nation gets from you’, and so if we give our country well trained shooters, who bag medals at international platform and make our country proud, we think that will be enough. Bringing the best out of everyone is our mission. Our mission is to fill the gap between ‘what we are’ and ‘what we want to be’. Our vision is providing the best facility, best arms, best environment, with no compromise. We look for the best even in the worst case scenario and that is our vision. To fulfill dreams of every aspirant and see them winning in life is our vision. All we ask is for time and dedication, because we know that with these two qualities not even lost games can waver a shooter who aims to be the best.
  • Certified Trainer

  • Awardes Academy

Our Mission

All we ask is for time and dedication, because we know that with these two qualities not even lost games can waver a shooter who aims to be the best. Its surely not easy but we Indians don’t usually give up. In today’s generation, we all are well aware about the hyped up competition everywhere. Shooting, as a sport, provides with a set of its own plus points. From schools to colleges, admissions on the basis of sports quota. And from Army to general carrier building, shooting gives extra support to your character and your reach. A sportsperson is picked up over a general citizen because of the qualities we carry, and how we carry. The pride, the confidence and the leadership in every of our shooter is our mission and our vision, no matter how hard we have to work for it.
  • Certified Trainer

  • Awardes Academy

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